blog to book

a student documentary on the future of print

I'm been spending my evenings editing this blog's content onto Blurb so I can have a printed version of my blog. I'm doing this mostly because my blog is a diary and I don't believe in the eternity of the electronic format. And because it's was on my list... 
Electronics are ephemeral, invisible and disposable. You don't feel it. And if you can't touch it, it does not exist. I need to "touch" this blog, only then I'll believe it really exists and I can store it on a physical and real shelf. Knowing that it's there and that I can pick it up at anytime. If you love books, you can relate. It's human nature. 
This however, is a hard process. Not because of all the copy/paste labor, but it makes me look back at my life in Portugal and it makes me cry with saudade. It's a process. 


  1. Ty Isabel, you always give great ideas! =)
    And remember you are not alone in that saudade... Keep strong!

    1. só tu para me compreenderes! beijinhos!

  2. Hmmm... interesting idea. I wonder how long would take to edit 7 years of blogging! :)
    But I do worry about this digital memories we are leaving. how will they survive? will our kids will have two big external drives? will look at the e-mail their parents exchanged?
    Is it very time consuming? Oh so many ideas, so little time :)

    1. 7 years would probably take a while... and that's the thing, they might survive but I still live in a culture where to exist it needs to be physical.