The fun thing about having babies at 30 means you are not alone, most of your friends are doing it too! This is Clara, she's 2 weeks older than Ana and it hurts me that they won't be playing together while her mom and I chit-chat about randomness while sipping on a glass of wine.
We all got together back in June and compared cuteness. See you all in September!


At 2 1/2 months Ana was becoming super curious about her surroundings and we were all arguing over who she looks like. At birth babies don't look like anything, their are just newborns. But it's impressive to notice the evolving features slowly taking shape. Ana has the same face as Pedro when he was this age. She's all daddy. Pedro relishes the moment. 


Yes I know, I've been neglecting my blog. It's the Pirates fault! These past few weeks all I want is for Ana to take long naps so I can just get some work done. I sometimes feel bad that I'm not giving her 100% of my attention, but to have happy babies, first you have to have happy mommies. The play time I do spend with her is 100% just for her! Quality over quantity. 
This was actually one of my favorite sleeping positions with Ana at 2 months, she doesn't do this anymore... time does go by so fast. 


"A portrait of Ana every week for a year."

When you have such a peaceful child all you want to do is give thanks!
Ana has been sleeping almost through the night, has no issues nursing, poos and pees on the clock, smiles every time someone plays with her and is developing her own baby personality!