Cause a new year is coming and with it a whole new list of things to do!
Bring on the mockaritas

Christmas in ATL

This year, my sister Helena, her fiance Gusto and our cousin Jessica came over over Toronto to spend Christmas with us. It's great to have a full house and fancy breakfasts every morning, game nights and a to-do list of things that was almost fully accomplished.
For Christmas Eve dinner we had friends over which we were very thankful for. Obviously, we prepared our typical Portuguese Christmas dinner with our family's secret sauce that makes the tedious boiled potatoes and cod a most delicious treat! This is when we most feel like emigrants cultivating the nostalgia for the motherland or, as we Portuguese put it, "saudades". 
Pedro had some fun filming this time lapse video of the preparations for dinner, enjoy!  

We really hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! 

24 weeks

I'll be honest, the idea of being pregnant has always frightened me mostly because my mother had 3 very complicated pregnancies and I thought that it would be hereditary. Apparently not! In the first couple of months there where moments were I would even forgot about it all together. I would only feel pregnant when it kicked in psychically: a few days with morning sickness, feeling extremely sleepy, constipation, acid reflux, most of which I didn't even know were symptoms associated with the first trimester. I always thought it would get worst but it didn't. At 24 weeks I can say I feel great, except for the part when I have to bend down to tie my shoe laces, that's becoming a hassle. 

there's going to be a baby

A while back, we were walking through a park in Atlanta and found this book on a bench and instagramed it. At the time we "cried wolf" and it was fun. But now, my friends, it's the real thing! I'm 5 months pregnant and there really is going to be a baby!

Oh, and it's a girl!

Pedro in PT #1

Pedro spent the month of July here in Portugal. It was a short stay but wonderful in so many ways! 

oh happy day

After 2 months of skype and letters, Pedro is in Portugal and I am so happy!

são joão

Every year my mom gathers some friends and family to celebrate São João. This year was the first time I actually made it to the festivities! It's not very common in Viana to celebrate São João (the holiday of Saint John the Baptist) but my mother is always looking for an excuse to grill sardines! The night ended around a bonfire and everyone jumping over the flames a little tipsy after all the sangria. It's supposed to bring good luck. 


A couple of weekends ago I went camping with my family to Gerês. It's incredible how building a fire to cook dinner and sleeping on the hard ground can be so appealing. The good thing is my parents love camping. Unfortunately for us, Portugal is loaded with pyromaniacs that get off on watching our forests burn so even within campgrounds you cannot build a bonfire, which takes away most of the fun in camping: if you can't burn things in a controlled environment, what's the purpose of camping?! Naturally we skirted this and built a fire in the bbq pits and played cards the whole night.

at the beach

I spent most of last weekend at the beach with my grandma. Everyone always complains about how cold the water is up north, but I always manage to go for a swim. Grandma just sat under the umbrella and napped most of the afternoon. Life is good.