...nem que eu leve a américa até ti...

this song has been on repeat all morning. 

the first few days...

... were all about starting from scratch in a place I still don't feel comfortable. Coming home to empty walls and carpet needs some time getting use to. It's a process.
During the first few days we had a rented car and drove around everywhere. But after that, it's hard to get around in a huge city without a decent public transportation system. We have been lucky because the best thing so far about Atlanta are the Atlantans themselves! 
We went everywhere in our rented Toyota Corolla: visited second hand shops, shopped for all our groceries at this amazing farmer's market were you can get all the organic stuff you need, visited the High Museum, bought basic furniture through Craig's List, shopped at Ikea and Zara and visited the Asian Market with our great couchsurfing hosts. 

Now we are just trying to settle down into our new lifestyle and start a fun, adventurous and healthy life together.

lost in atlanta

check list on how to get to atlanta:

- loose pedro's drivers license 2 days before departure (check)
- get a half and hour delayed on the flight porto to madrid (check)
- because of this delay, miss the connection from madrid to miami by just 3min after running like crazy through the airport (check)
- complain to Iberia about the delay and wait 2 hours for the new connection (check)
- get on a 10 hour flight to miami, eat airplane food and watch the retarded Ronda channel (check)
- arrive in maimi with only 40 min to pickup luggage, pass through customs and get on the flight connection to atlanta (not check)
- miss yet another connection to atlanta because going through customs and checking in again took 1h30 (check)
- luggage didn't get to miami, so we lost our 6 bags! (check)
- get a 300$ voucher to shop for clothes (check)
- arrive in atlanta 24 hours later (check)
- head to the car rentals and pick up the car only to discover that the credit card owner has to be the same as the driver (check)
- find another car rental that would accept a debt card, considering I didn't have a credit card and pedro didn't have his license. (check)
- learn how to drive an automatic and huge american car at one in the morning. (check)
- arrive at an amazing couchsurfer's house and sleep in a huge bed. (check)
- after visiting about 10 apartments, rent the first one we visited (check)
- spend the first night in our apartment sleeping in our tent because our first house guest was a cockroach. (check)

Atlanta isn't so bad after all...

home is wherever i'm with you

when we decided to get married one thing we were sure of is that it had to be meaningful. creating our own stencil was just a little something to express our new life together.
we have just moved to Atlanta: a new country, a new city and a new life.
home is truely wherever we can be together.

Twiggs Photography

this one is going up on the wall!
I never thought high heels would look so good!

such a perfect day

Even though it may seem as a cliché, it was a perfect day!
We had a private wedding cerimony in a garden and picked the most unexcepted place for the photo session: the ruins near Lisbon's castle with graffiti walls and torn colourful paint.

We shared our day with Twiggs and it was so pleasant. Now we have these beautiful photos to treasure. Thank you for the amazing memories!