It's been 6 months since we landed in Atlanta and started a new life together. 
You are the absolute best part of it. And home will always be wherever I'm with you!


While Pedro works, I play! 

Grandma writes postcards

My grandmother is back in Portugal and is already planning for a trip to Atlanta next year! But I still have some things to share about her visit. Ana had suggested she write postcards made from photos of her here in Atlanta. And so she did! I printed out photos of my grandma in intriguing situations, glued a postcard back sticker and sat my grandma at Starbucks sipping a cappuccino and writhing to everyone in Portugal. At first she didn't know what to write so I helped her out. By the end of the 6th postcard, she was on a roll! 

If you got one of grandma's postcards, please send me feedback!

Halloween with Roy Lichtenstein

Even though I still have a few things to share about my grandma's last days here in Atlanta, I can't help but talk about Halloween. It's crazy over here: the whole month of October is all about carved pumpkins, cobwebs, haunted houses and the Little Five Points Halloween Parade. I really wanted to dress up as something interesting and after a bit of googling, thrifting and some DIY goodness, we came up with this:

It's polk-a-dot madness! We were characters from Roy Lichenstein's pop art paintings:

Sarah's the sobbing character.

Thomas is the betraying husband.

And I'm too pretty to work! 
We were stopped dozens of times to pose for pictures: some knew instantly who we were, some people thought we had the chickenpox. We looked great! Or as Americans like to say: AWESOME!
A week later Sarah and Thomas hosted a Halloween party and it was Pedro's turn to dress up: