thanksgiving dinner and apple pie

# 94 - apple pie from scratch: from this smitten kitchen recipe (even though I didn't follow it strictly)

# 90: what better way to get into the soon-to-be american way of life than by hosting a thanksgiving dinner a day before! We had friends over and ate turkey (not a whole one cause that wouldn't fit in the oven!) with spicy lentils with feta cheese, baked sweet potatoes and pumpkin, peas and carrots, cranberry wannabe sauce, rice, corn bread, cheese, wine, tuna dip, ice-cream and my beautiful apple pie. 

corn bread

corn bread made in Lisbon. 
tomorrow i'm checking off # 90 and # 94 from my list!

shop local

I wanted wrist warmers. Sandra's are beautiful but I wanted to buy local. 

So I discovered Lisbon based Ana Amorim who is behind the shop wearaddiction and her lovely mustard yellow wrist warmers.

And now they are mine. 


i heart flour
whole wheat


I've been meaning to share this recent creative discovery: Oupas Design, 3 very creative designers and their cat, that work mostly with cardboard. This stopmotion is one of my favorite! It's "school of imagination" and you can find more of their work here.

midnight in paris

Paris in the morning is beautiful,
... in the afternoon is charming
... in the evening is enchanting.
But Paris after midnight is magic!

256 years ago

it was about 9h30 in the morning when Lisbon was hit by a massive earthquake, submerged by a tsunami and then burnt for 6 days.

reading this small book about the great earthquake preparing our next themed tour.