thanksgiving dinner and apple pie

# 94 - apple pie from scratch: from this smitten kitchen recipe (even though I didn't follow it strictly)

# 90: what better way to get into the soon-to-be american way of life than by hosting a thanksgiving dinner a day before! We had friends over and ate turkey (not a whole one cause that wouldn't fit in the oven!) with spicy lentils with feta cheese, baked sweet potatoes and pumpkin, peas and carrots, cranberry wannabe sauce, rice, corn bread, cheese, wine, tuna dip, ice-cream and my beautiful apple pie. 


  1. ok, quero saber cozinhar e pintar os lábios de vermelho como tu:D

  2. Linda, gosto de te ver com as mãos na massa! :-)

  3. Hmmm! that whole meal looks delicious. Congrats on such a beautiful apple pie!