Special request!

Pedromy darling, when will you return to being a blogger again?! I miss reading your long, descriptive, carefully laid out and curated blog posts about the amazing things you've done


Pedro has just got home with this:

This is what happens when you let your husband go to yard sales by himself: he come home with 2 Dahon bikes! 

Drying for freedom

There are many things about living in the US that I enjoy: second hand stores and unlimited access to torilla chips! Then there are other, more structural aspects, that make me want scream (or do other less lawful things, but Pedro doesn't let me). We live in an apartment complex in Atlanta where one of the many rules is that we can't put our clothes out to dry in our patios. Nope! You can't reduce you carbon footprint because it doesn't look nice. Patios are for chairs. If you put clothes out to dry, your nice friendly neighbors tell on you! Don't forget, America is the land of the free: where you are free if you have a good lawyer!