a stopmotion wedding surprise

My sister (aka Padeira) got married to Augusto (aka Carteiro)! 
We wanted to give them a nice surprise for their wedding, so the creative bridesmaids teamed up with Pedro, our stopmotion tech specialist and made an amazing homemade and handcrafted production. 

Inspired by our favorite cardboard designers at Oupas, we scripted the storyboard, cut out the action figures and scenarios, edited with music and voices and taaa daaa, we bring you: O Carteiro e a Padeira for your viewing pleasure!


Ana has been smiling back for a few weeks now and it's very rewarding. Happy baby!
She enjoys being among people and getting all the attention. I'm glad that during these 5 weeks in Portugal she was able to interact with family and friends to the point were I was just a wet nurse: my mom would come garb her in the morning right after I nursed her and take her out into the gardens for fresh air; Pedro's aunt would stand by me while I nursed and immediately grab her to burp and play. I'm just glad Ana still recognized me as her mother after all this!


The obvious portrait: Ana and her great-grandma Julieta. She's 92 ans still going strong, a true matriarch. It's very important for us that Ana understands that she was born into a loving extended family and we do our best so that everyone can keep up with her. 
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Skype: connecting families overseas!