He's been asking me what I've been doing for the last 2 days. I'd say "stuff" or simply smile and nod, because it's suppose to be a late birthday present!
I've had this idea for quite some time now to illustrate some of Pedro's jumping photos through cutouts and collages. Hope he likes them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Tartine bread

The book arrived yesterday and it's beautiful. The main bread recipe, which the author calls Country Bread, is the starting point to all the other artisan bread recipes in the book. It's process is very meticulously described and based on ancient french breadmaking techniques before the industrialization of yeast. He calls it the perfect bread. All you need is high quality flour, water and salt. The secrete lies in the combination of a homemade starter, temperature, timings and pacients.

paper and scissors

Working on yet another illustration project in paper cuts and collage for someone special.

fox in socks

Over at Planeta Tangerina I found this video narrating Fox in Socks, I couldn't help but sharing! 

welcome to Lisbon

Today I picked up another batch of developed film from my Canon A1 and the surprise factor is still there!
This has to be one of my favorite spots in Lisbon to photograph. Although it's never pleasant to see abandoned houses in Lisbon's historic center, the truth is that there is beauty in ruins; it's bitter sweet...

rural inconveniences

I have mixed feelings about this: is this supposed to be educational?
It's like taking kids to the zoo to see wild birds in cages. This is one of the busiest streets of Lisbon, cut-off to traffic and where now carrots and cabbages grows under the a tight guard.
"Look sweety, that's what a tomato looks like..."

more bread

After my first post about bread, Joana told me about a bread that doesn't require kneading... latter I read about it here (he calls it lazy bread!) and saw the video here. This morning I decided to make it myself. It's too easy: just mix the ingredients and your done! It will ferment for about 12-14 hours.

* sorry, no pics of the bread cause we ate half of it as soon as it came out of the oven. It was delicious, crispy and I'm repeating this recipe as soon as possible!


Todays breakfast with homemade bread. 
It baked for about 45 minutes and it has a very crispy crust and very little salt. Unlike what most people think, making homemade bread (without a bread machine!) is actually very easy. Since this is a special occasion, I opened up my last jar of pumpkin jam from last year and surprisingly, it's delicious. 

Assim se amassa, assim se peneira, assim se dá a volta ao pão na masseira.

After my first attempt at making homemade bread was a success, here it is: my second attempt. But this time I've been reading about bread making here and becoming inspired. 
I usually don't follow recipes and this was the case: I randomly mixed about 500g of wheat flour, 250g of rye flour, 1 sachet of dry yeast, a bit of salt, a spoon of sugar and some grained flax seeds... and warm water; knead it for about 12 minutes and now it's in the kitchen fermenting. It will be there for about 3-4 hours. 

After an extra long weekend of beach laziness, I still haven't been able to recover completely and get back on track... I have so much to do and so little will to do it. 

Cross processed Lazarim

Cross processed slide film from Lomography. It's always a surprise when I go pick up the prints!! 

a sister's heart

Yesterday I went to pick up a special package from Luisa, my sister, and Bino, my soon to be brother-in-law. It's a silver heart, a contemporary work of the more traditional heart from Viana. It's so pretty! 
Minha linda irmãzinha, muito obrigada!! 

Bino as a pinhole

Happy Birthday Bino!!!

twin lense reflex

Finally I developed the rolls of film taken with my wonderful Christmas present! I adore the cross-processed effect on slide film because you never know what to expect. These were all taken on my daily path from home to work. What I most enjoy about twin lens reflex cameras is holding them at a waist line and playing around with the image projection on the viewfinder.

the day I was born

I think that if most people who know me would see my on my birthday probably wouldn't recognize me... let's just say I'm not my usual happy self. Thankfully, I have amazing friends and family that make sure I put a smile on my face and make me feel loved.

beach and embroidery

it was 7.30pm and I was taking a swim... I love summer!!!!

...meanwhile in between swims I caught up on some embroidery for the shop and for Jaime

Picnic da Estrela

To all Lisbon residents: 
Tomorrow instead of heading home after work, bring something to eat and a blanket and join us for an after work picnic at the Jardim da Estrela. Bring a friend, a stranger, a neighbor, your dog, cat and fish... and break the routine with a different end to your day! 
More info here

florescent yellow

These are my favorite summer shoes: florescent yellow DKNY sandals. This is my second summer using them and they're becoming a bit (a lot) worn out! It seems futile of me but I've grown attached to these sandals...