Insanity at Burning Man

I'm almost finished editing our Burning Man photo album and thought I might share some Insanity with you. This was taken during one of the amazing sunsets. 

Angel's Landing

There is a place on Earth where angels land. That place could only be in Utah where strong religious beliefs pair up with breathtaking natural landscapes. Everything in Zion National Park is named after figures from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. A couple of weeks back we visited Zion. Deciding that the first thing we would do was hike the ubber famous Angel's Landing was easy! The hard part was finishing the hike! Angel's Landing is a strenuous uphill hike on a well maintained path carved and sculpted out on the sides of a massive monolith about a mile high. 

This part was easy! The hard part was when you sight the very steep cliffs and very narrow path that leads you to the trail's end. Once you start needing anchored chains to hold on to, that's when I decided to sit still and wish Pedro a safe trip up the trail and hope he wouldn't be part of the list of people who have fallen off the cliffs! 

The top of Angel's Landing

I still can't believe that such a dangerous hike is opened to the public! It's "hike at your own risk"!