3 years

Three years today I married my best friend. What a great day to remember and think about what we've accomplished in 3 amazing years together. We are good together and you make me a better person. At the end of the day, I think that's what marriage is all about. 
Photo by Twiggs

This old house - part 2

And the work continues... 
The bathroom ceiling had a water infiltration from the skylight that we've been postponing to patch because of its size. It required drywall replacement and an extra load of Youtube videos! Pedro finally got around to it. Now all we need is to sand the spackle and get fine white dust all over the place. Hopefully it won't need any more spackle and we could paint the bathroom this week. 
Here it is, part two of lots of work. 

This old house

This month of March we are up to our elbows in work and crossing our fingers that our daughter isn't born before her due date. We just got our own place, a 2 bedroom apartment with high ceiling in the living room and full of natural light. The challenging part is that it needs a face lift, a major face lift! So we rolled up our selves, spent our afternoons strolling through the aisles at Home Depot and watched a ton of YouTube videos on "How to everything!" The first thing we needed to do was prep the walls for new paint. Not an easy task considering all the holes and imperfections the walls, ceilings, baseboards and trims had: large holes from old electrical sockets, tons of small holes from hanging frames, dozens of nail pops, cracks and paint drips from a previous paint job gone wrong. I can now say we are experts on drywall rehab!
Pedro is putting together time-lapses of our progress, here's the first video, enjoy! 

not so super woman

These past few days so many opinions have been written and shared around International Women's Day, centered on empowerment, rights, gender equality, super women, super moms. In our society, you are a part of this list if you are able to work, have babies, manage a household, keep up with family and friends, stand for something meaningful. I don't consider myself on this list: pregnant and jobless. I keep busy with a list of things that need to get done, but I'm still a house wife with all the its ups and downs. It's not easy to acknowledge this mostly because of all the negative connotations it involves. Super women are those who can do it all and I surely don't! But as I say this out of a privileged situation: I have a wonderful life partner, a home and we are starting a family. Life is good. 
Before going to bed we practice thankfulness: we write down a few things for which we are thankful for each day to remind us of what is truly important. It also helps us retrospect on what went well during the day and what didn't. I honestly feel that this practice has helped me to be more accepting of my life and focus on the good things that come with it.  
I may not be a "super woman" but I feel fine just being a "woman".