This old house

This month of March we are up to our elbows in work and crossing our fingers that our daughter isn't born before her due date. We just got our own place, a 2 bedroom apartment with high ceiling in the living room and full of natural light. The challenging part is that it needs a face lift, a major face lift! So we rolled up our selves, spent our afternoons strolling through the aisles at Home Depot and watched a ton of YouTube videos on "How to everything!" The first thing we needed to do was prep the walls for new paint. Not an easy task considering all the holes and imperfections the walls, ceilings, baseboards and trims had: large holes from old electrical sockets, tons of small holes from hanging frames, dozens of nail pops, cracks and paint drips from a previous paint job gone wrong. I can now say we are experts on drywall rehab!
Pedro is putting together time-lapses of our progress, here's the first video, enjoy! 

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