What is Burning Man? (part 3)

It's a "watermelon fairy" in the desert...

"In dust we trust"

It's what "happens in Bathrooms, stays in Bathrooms".

It's an unexpected wedding at the Chrurch-trap

It's Insanity.

It's a space shuttle and an alien.

It's a burning man.

It's a lot of heat.

It's where shoes go to die.

It's where Barbies go to die.

It's where RVs go to die.

It's what your house looks like after you get home. Not funny. But I hope next year we can go again!

What is Burning Man? (part 2)

It's not taking a shower for 1 week. Thank the heavens for wet wipes! I had a hard time running my fingers through my hair even though I did wash it with no rinse shampoo. The dust is everywhere!

It's writing love notes on tree trunks.

It's goggles, scarves, hats and sunsets.

It's baking flat bread in a fire oven with our neighbors of Bread Camp! How cool is that!

It's where you build stuff and then blow it up!

It's a Temple of Whollyness...

...where you take a break and grieve, contemplate, remember or just relax.

It's where we found Dr. Suess!

What is Burning Man? (part 1)

After an amazing week at Burning Man, I now understand why this question is a bit hard to answer. So here is my attempt to do so.

 It's when you shave your hair into a mohawk and drive a 1976 Dodge RV into the desert.

It's where you wait for 7 hours in line to get through the gates.

It's the places you'll go...

...to get a better view...

...and be kissed after climbing a scaffold.

It's swinging around on gymnastic rings wearing a pink tutu. 

It's dancing like crazy at sunset. 

It's happy hour everyday! 

It's riding big bikes.