What is Burning Man? (part 2)

It's not taking a shower for 1 week. Thank the heavens for wet wipes! I had a hard time running my fingers through my hair even though I did wash it with no rinse shampoo. The dust is everywhere!

It's writing love notes on tree trunks.

It's goggles, scarves, hats and sunsets.

It's baking flat bread in a fire oven with our neighbors of Bread Camp! How cool is that!

It's where you build stuff and then blow it up!

It's a Temple of Whollyness...

...where you take a break and grieve, contemplate, remember or just relax.

It's where we found Dr. Suess!

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  1. Antes de morrer quero ir ao Burning Man...e agora mais que nunca ! uau que relato tão impressionante estou a adorar. quero mais!!!