Tartine bread

The book arrived yesterday and it's beautiful. The main bread recipe, which the author calls Country Bread, is the starting point to all the other artisan bread recipes in the book. It's process is very meticulously described and based on ancient french breadmaking techniques before the industrialization of yeast. He calls it the perfect bread. All you need is high quality flour, water and salt. The secrete lies in the combination of a homemade starter, temperature, timings and pacients.


  1. Im totally dissapointed with my "bread"


    I tried a couple of times last weekend and the bread dough never got the proper texture. I think it might be because of the fermento that I am using (those cubes that you have to shred over your dough).

    Em fim! Ainda bem o pao portugues é muito bom =)

  2. Flavio, exprimentaste a receita do no-knead bread? Eu usei fermento granulado e feicou bem.