lost in atlanta

check list on how to get to atlanta:

- loose pedro's drivers license 2 days before departure (check)
- get a half and hour delayed on the flight porto to madrid (check)
- because of this delay, miss the connection from madrid to miami by just 3min after running like crazy through the airport (check)
- complain to Iberia about the delay and wait 2 hours for the new connection (check)
- get on a 10 hour flight to miami, eat airplane food and watch the retarded Ronda channel (check)
- arrive in maimi with only 40 min to pickup luggage, pass through customs and get on the flight connection to atlanta (not check)
- miss yet another connection to atlanta because going through customs and checking in again took 1h30 (check)
- luggage didn't get to miami, so we lost our 6 bags! (check)
- get a 300$ voucher to shop for clothes (check)
- arrive in atlanta 24 hours later (check)
- head to the car rentals and pick up the car only to discover that the credit card owner has to be the same as the driver (check)
- find another car rental that would accept a debt card, considering I didn't have a credit card and pedro didn't have his license. (check)
- learn how to drive an automatic and huge american car at one in the morning. (check)
- arrive at an amazing couchsurfer's house and sleep in a huge bed. (check)
- after visiting about 10 apartments, rent the first one we visited (check)
- spend the first night in our apartment sleeping in our tent because our first house guest was a cockroach. (check)

Atlanta isn't so bad after all...


  1. A seriooooo???
    nao vos podia ter corrido melhor xD

  2. Pelo menos chegaram e já têm apartamento :) O resto é pra rir mais tarde.

  3. ola bon sejour a Atlanta,bjs

  4. Concordo com L.! :D Fico contente por vocês!! Agora venha a melhor parte :) Beijinhos

  5. São estas aventuras que tornam a vida mais saborosa!
    Espero que sejam muito felizes aí!
    Um beijinho grande

  6. Ao menos arrumaram os azares todos de uma vez. A partir de agora as coisas só podem ser boas. Desejo-vos muita sorte e muitas aventuras! beijinhos