August in Viana

This is a print screen of Blurb's Book Smart edit of my blog into book. It's a really easy editing tool for people like me who aren't designers but aspire to they're skills. 
This is the layout for my "August in Viana" series of daily photos during the month I spent with my family. Now that I think of it, it was a quite a month: baked bread and corn bread, harvested so many tomatoeskayaked the Neiva once again, just hanged around, said good bye to my grandfather, road-tripped with Pedro around Galicia and so much more. 
This current month, I'm not doing anything worth sharing.


  1. Two years ago I joined a thing called the august break, where you are supposed to share a photo everyday. I thought the same, I'm doing nothing worth sharing, I was working, in Lisbon, nothing exciting happening. So i decide to collect small things I enjoyed every day. In the end I collected wonderful small momnets that maybe me realize our "boring days" can be very rich!

    I know you have that eye so why not, first nice things you enjoy in Atlanta?

  2. This is great, I'm really looking forward to experimenting Blurb one day too!
    And I agree with Sara: sometimes when it seems there's nothing worth sharing we should just look into the small things, little trivial details that make a difference :)

  3. Yeah... August is just the month when she visited the most amazing Yard Sales and State Sales yet, she had a "grandmother" story to get her Social Security Number, she did an amazing trip to Denver and an awesome road trip to Savannah! Maybe not every single day was worth sharing, but August 2012 is gonna be a great month!! And then... September!!