Meet Malcolm.
I've been listening these last few days to an ebook. I must confess that this new way of "reading" has converted me specially when the voice through the wiring is Malcolm Gladwell's. The book is Outliers: the story of success. I first was acquainted with Malcolm through Ted on his talk about spaghetti sauce. Yon can ask yourself, how can anyone take 17 minutes of their time and listen to someone lecturing on the amazing world of spaghetti sauce! But it was so captivating that, Pete bought his book Blink and we both started reading it. Blink is about how snap judgments and first impressions really matter. He writes like he speaks: in a clear, explanatory and storytelling way that anyone wants to listen to him speak…even about spaghetti sauce!
The Outliers, is about how behind every success story there is a pattern. That people who get to the top,  don't get there by sheer genius, but due to very hard work (his 10 000 hour theory), to our cultural and geographical backgrounds and to the opportunities we are able to embrace. 
Very inspirational specially at this particular time. I really feel I am not putting in the "10 000 hours" of hard work, mainly due to the lack of motivation (which by the way is always a characteristic of those who get to the top!).  I need to find my way.


  1. Leiam o primeiro hit dele: The Tipping Point, acho que e o melhor dele.

  2. Sem dúvida a próxima aquisição!!

  3. Hello Isabel! Sorry to be a creeper, but I saw your post on Yes and Yes and thought I'd say hello and send you a link about Mormons since you seemed a little interested! This site will answer any of your questions, and talking to the missionaries in your town wouldn't be a bad idea either! :]

    I really love my church, my beliefs have truly helped me get through some really tough times and I love my Savior Jesus Christ so much! If you are interested, look into it and give it a try! It has changed my life so much and made me a much better person :]

    If you'd like to email me with any questions or just anything at all, here is my email!

    Oh, and here is the site!

    PS- I really love your list of things to do before you turn 30! I am doing a list too and it is so much fun! Keep up the good work!