on a bike

Yesterday I went for a bike ride. Yes... in Lisbon! The city is actually very bicycle friendly once you've learned how to go around the hills. I stopped at this beautiful shop to buy yarn and the first thing the person behind the counter says to me is "you came by bike?!". I thought that was nice since he really looked surprised. 


  1. I love your bike! I am obsessed with them right now because at my 27 years I am learning to bike!! In the city where I live is very easy but one day I will try in Lisbon when I can go to Lisbon!!

  2. The photo is a detail of an embroidery I made for a friends wedding.
    Learning to ride a bike is easy and once you get the hang of it, you'll love it!

  3. Aposto que a bicicleta nem é tua!
    Mas fazes muito bem andar por Lisboa de bicicleta, é outra perspectiva da cidade. Pena a cidade não ser plana :)