# 28 sleep under the stars

After a long bike ride through the city, tracking the same route as tram 28, we ended up dancing to traditional European music performed by these guys at Miradouro da Graça. Pretty amazing set: live music, people dancing and an amazing view of the city. Pity we both have two left feet and were dancing in runners!

After getting home we packed up and headed for the beach to sleep under the stars. It wasn't quite what we were expecting. Very naive of us to think we were going to find peace and quite under the stars but Caparica in the summer is quite the opposite and awful... We managed to find a cozy place in between two sand dunes  and old beach shacks and spread out our sleeping bags. We then tried to bath in the sea, but it was too cold.
I tried to count them but there was a full moon and too much surrounding lightness from the camping parks and houses. Even so, it was a perfect night to sleep under the stars.
The next day we woke up to a busy beach and before leaving we had a small adventure with a teeny tiny car key and the sand dunes where we had slept! I discovered that  Pedro is great at losing small objects in impossible situations and I'm great at finding them!
We will definitely sleep on the beach again but next time with a key chain!

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