green is my favorite colour

For about 3 months now I've changed my diet. I'm not on a diet. Goodness gracious! I've simply changed my eating habits. More raw green vegetables, more fresh fruit, more nuts, less dairy, less meat, less sugar and above all no processed stuff. It's not that I completely turned my back to the "bad stuff", after all I do work in a bakery, but I decided to indulge in more healthier habits. It all started with coffee. I cut off the usual morning coffee with milk and toast for an almond milk smoothie with fruit, nuts, chia and flax meal or just a plain bowl of raw oatmeal porridge (which is delicious by the way!). Soon I found myself blending spinach and kale with a whole bunch of other fruits and vegetable and gobbling down green smoothies and loving it! The energy I get from this new and improved lifestyle is incredible! There is no turning back. 

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