a tradição do pão em portugal

Pedro returned from a 3 week stay in Portugal and brought back a new addition to my small collection:

"A tradição do pão em Portugal" by the French ethnographer Mouette Barboff  is a beautiful must-have book for all those interested in Portuguese bread. It doesn't have any recipes, sadly, but it is a very thorough research of traditional techniques and styles of bread from the various regions, from seed to table. Inevitably, memories of my grandfather making cornbread exactly the same way as described in the book came back to me. And so I decided to make corn bread today. In reading it I also found out that in some regions there is a tradition in couscous making. I did not know that. 


  1. Olá Isabel

    Não sei se já conheces mas aqui vai:


    nunca experimentei mas gostava!

    1. Obrigada pelo link! Fiquei mesmo surpreendida com isto e com vontade de ir ä descoberta do couscous transmontano.