green and red

The place: Portuguese neighborhoods in Toronto.
The time: Euro Cup 2012.

The weird thing is is that most of these young generation "Portuguese" don't even speak Portuguese or have never been to Portugal. The older generation use 4-5 English words in a Portuguese sentence and left the country at a certain time in their lives because it just suck living there. But yet they still bring out the flag and cheer the country on. Being away from Portugal makes you sometimes appreciate things even more. It's nostalgia or better... saudade
After the last victory against the Chec Republic everyone filled the streets in cheer until a thunder storm came and literally made it rain on our parade! We had hitched a ride from 2 Portuguese guys (coincidentally, also from Viana) to make it to the epicenter of the festivities on St. Claire Street, only to get caught in the rain and soaking wet. It was worth it!!

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