collect moments not things

The other day we were taking about the things that should matter to us and what we could do to cultivate them. Small things, like say thank you or send out a letter instead of an email. 
We talked about how we should collect and register life's special moments whether it's through photography or just a simple drawing. 
We talked about if we should take photos just for the sake of it or photograph with the intent of preserving memories. We love looking back on our photo albums and remembering, so definitively we should make an effort and preserve our memories. In the end it's all about collecting moments.
When packing up to come to Atlanta this was one of our hardest challenges: what memories do we take with us?  You could say it's contradictory since to "collect memories" is to register them on a physical format, thus collecting "more things". But I do distinguish these "things" from all the unuseful stuff people tend to accumulate. 

With this said, I'd like to share this video/memory I just discovered on facebook. Thanks Ana Claudia. 

Look Up at the Stars, Portugal! from Matthew Brown (Matty Brown) on Vimeo.

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