work in progress

With less than a year to go until the deadline of my list, I look back on it and realise if I had written it today, it would most likely be very much the same, with just a few differences. I've checked off about 34 items (accomplished and still in progress) which is about 1/3 of the list.
The next couple of months I'm going to:
3. go fishing
6. get a tatoo (which will look something like this)
11. voyeur
32. creative photoshoot (with Carla)
38. make cornbread in my grandpa's stone oven (with the help of my grandma and aunt)


  1. apesar de não ser fã de tatuagens, fiquei apaixonada por essa:D quando fizeres, mostra:)

  2. Também gostei muito da tatuagem! criativa :)

  3. ainda não escolhi o que quero escrever, mas será no pé e com uma caligrafia semelhante.

  4. Para pescar tens de vir até aqui!!!