tartine bread - basic country bread

The Tartine's basic country bread recipe requires a day's worth of attention, cause this was my first attempt. It starts off with a homemade starter (flour and water) that is cared for for about a week so wild yeast is harvested instead of using industrial yeast. The night before making the bread I prepared the leaven which would ferment the bread. In the morning I mixed the fresh leaven with flour, water and salt. You can easily read about the whole process in many blogs and websites like this one here. But I highly recommend buying the book because even though it seems like a complex recipe, it's not! It's just that the author, Chad Robertson, explains it so thoroughly, you really get a good understanding of bread making. 

With one of the loaves I made the dough for last night's pizza (sorry, no photos) and baked the other loaf. My first attempt didn't go as smoothly as described in Tartine Bread, but I really enjoyed the process. I need to do this again to learn how to make it properly. After all it's slow-food.

If anyone is interested, I have plenty of starter to share and I can always arrange a baking event here at home! E-mail if interested. 

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