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Knitting is actually very easy and so addictive. My grandmother taught me how to knit during the Christmas holidays. She knitted sweaters for us when we were kids so, my crafty self wanted to learn. She taught me the Portuguese way (thread around the neck) with old metal needles which I thought to be a bit complicated (desculpa avozinha!). With the help of some online videos, I learnt how to do the garter stitch and started my first knitting project: a scarf, a simple and very long rectangle. The thread I bought it at the Retrosaria, (of course!) is a nice and thick undyed wool, great for starters. But I didn't buy needles... so to all you professional knitters out there, I apologize, but instead of proper knitting needles, I adapted 2 chop sticks for this first scarf and they actually work very well.  

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