Zé Manso e Angela Brito

A weekend up north is always rewarding.
I spent quite a bit of time with my grandparents, Angela and Zé Manso. They live in an old house that was handed down by my great grandfather to my grandfather, that had belonged to an aunt of my great grandfather… long long story that I’ve heard a couple of times but it’s filled with names and intricate relations that I never seem to fully remember.
Anyways… this house has the most amazing attic! It’s a fairy tale attic crowded with old furniture, lamps, frames, gigantic cooking pots, old cutlery and my favorite: a wooden trunk filled with very old bed coverings! For years I was afraid of exploring it because it implies climbing the narrow steal ladder that connects to a trap door in my grandparent’s kitchen ceiling. I only went up their a couple of times many years ago.
This weekend it was my cousin Jessica's turn to discover the attic and so she brought out the Indiana Jones inside her and found two family treasures in the attic: 2 framed photographs from the 50’s in not so good conditions.
So, for the rest of the evening I spent with them, we brought out a family album and grandma explained to me who was who in all the photographs. Simply wonderful!

I saw photos of my great grandparents and their brothers and sisters; of my mom at the age of 8; I finally understood why Tio Adriano married his niece and who was Madrinha Amélia; I saw my grandmother in her wedding clothes (which see still has and I am hoping one day it might me mine!); my grandfather’s picture from when he did military service and had his bicycle license and one photo of my grandmother before she got married.

Before the sun came down, I helped her hang clothes to try and she helped me pick vegetables and fresh eggs to bring back to my urban residence!

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