No, this is not a war scene from the middle east: this is geocaching! This post is simply to congratulate geocacher pqueiros on his first hidden cache! It was very well thought out and prepared in a sort of treasure hunting way. Pqueiros and I geocache in almost all our trips and he has gotten used to the idea of him dealing with the technical stuff (downloads, compasses, phone apps, countdowns, bla, bla, bla) and me finding the actual cache. I think it's a win-win situation! 
Parabéns Peter Piper! 


  1. hi! found you via renilde's blog. lovely what you do here! i also loved your post about your grandmother's linen and .... knitting. great idea to adapt chopsticks! those metal needles clicking make me nervous - maybe i would knit better with bamboo or wood!


  2. Hey, eu é que ía escrever um post destes, sobre a minha primeira cache! Mas muito obrigado pela referência :)

    Agora a pergunta é: quando vens cá procurá-la?

  3. penafiel? é só tu quereres me levar até lá!