This was our first year in Toronto: we lived on Grace Street with a family that soon became our family. Our mom cut our hair and upholstered the kitchen chairs so they wouldn't look so second hand. We were starting to learn English and called our dad puppy, instead of daddy. I was 6, Helena was 5 and Luisa was 3, and we all shared a bedroom. We always got up early early in the morning to watch Sesame Street and played with Sandy and Danny all the time.
At this moment, I feel the urge to cross the street, knock on the door of the Canadian embassy, ask for my passport and buy a one way ticket to Pearson International. Just a few minor issues hold me back. 
It's Helena's birthday today. 


  1. Hey they arent major issues...so get knocking on that door:)


  2. oh conta mais ! tenho conhecido histórias interessantes aqui desse género ... amazing portuguese people !