olive picking

What to do on the weekend? Go olive picking to Lousã. And so wee did.
The event was promoted by two local folk groups that wanted to recreate traditional.olive picking. We didn't work much, just appreciated the scenery, the singing, taking photos and inquiring on how to cure olives, which was something I could have put on my list. After gathering, picking and cleaning, and considering we were the only foreigners that had attended the event on purpose, we were invite to join them for very Portuguese lunch.... feijoada. The rest of the weekend was spent visiting historical villages, geocaching, and picking ripe black olives to take home.
Piodão at a distance


  1. São tão bonitas as tuas fotografias, gostei de ver o teu blogue, vou voltar mais vezes! :-)

  2. That looks amazing!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, Design Squish.