help me find Zézito!

Some weeks back, on a trip to the flea market I bought a bunch of old frames to start hanging things on the walls. The first photo I framed is my blog's header!

This week's old photo is from a family album I bought last year. The photo I use as a header is also from this album. The little boy's name is José (or Zezito, the way his father signs on the back of each photo) and dew to some strange fortune for me (unfortunate for Zézito) I have his childhood album: from birth to around 5/6 years old. I wonder how can anyone lose such a precious family treasure... So... item 43 on my list is to try to find Zézito (an Amélie style thing to do!!) and give him back his album. I don't have much information about him, no last name, no father or mother's name. He was born in the 50's and I think he lived in Lisbon and they sure did travel alot, because most of the photos are of summer holidays. 
I'll be posting more of his photos in the hope someone might just recognize him. For the mean while I'm having fun drawing Zézito!

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