Birthday cake

When we were kids we always thought it so boring that our mom would bake our birthday cake. The one's we would see in the bakeries looked so much more cartoonish and cheerful. And we were so sure they must have tasted better! They most certainly looked better than that over baked flat-bread our mom called "cake". Every birthday there it was, the same lifeless piece of baked batter!
Now, some twenty something years latter, I want my mom to bake that same boring cake for my birthday! 
Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of having exactly the same cake. I even help her bake it. She put in some lemon zest for freshness and covered it with custard.
I now recognize how privileged we were to be different and not to drink the Kool-Aid.


  1. :DDD
    Este ano a minha mana tb fez um bolinho de aniversário para mim!!! :D
    Miamm miamm! :D

  2. sabes, agora olho para os bolos de pastelaria e penso: pobres coitados daqueles que compram estes bolos de aniversário! Não têm personalidade! Não há nada mais giro que m bolo caseiro!