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The past few days, after work I have been going to the Baixa shopping for very specific things. In fact, this it’s the only place in Lisboa where you can find “very specific” stuff:
“Hi, there! I’m looking for this very specific thing. Do you have it?”
“Yes. We have it in all shapes and sizes and in ten different colors. Do you want it gift wrapped?”
It’s a whole different approach to shopping, more interactive, personalized and social!
I remember in Viana every Friday afternoon was to visit the market and shop for whatever was necessary for that weekend. I used to know shop owners by their name and my mom and I would spend hours in one place chatting while trying to pick out the best brand of detergent or socks.
But even though it’s an amazing place to shop the truth is this form of traditional commerce isn’t very user friendly: some shops close during lunch time and the rest all close at 7 o’clock. They simply don’t adjust opening hours to working hours, were most people get of between 6 and 7. I find myself almost jogging my way to the Baixa before closing hours. And they shop owners complain about shopping malls ... of course everyone goes “malling” they’re opened until late night.
Even so, I hope to be needing more specific stuff just to be able to return and shop some more.
Because of these ventures to the Baixa, I’ve discovered this beautiful candy spot and I’m dying to sink my teeth into one of these.

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