# 54 pinhole

While everyone else was embracing red carnations, holding up protest signs and singing Grandola Vila Morena, I was looking for the perfect spot to settle my pinhole camera. In Portugal, the 25th of April is national holiday in memory of the revolution, but for the rest of the world it’s International Pinhole Day.

Paper negative pinhole of the Avenida da Liberdade made with my tin can camera. (55 sec.)

Paper positive. The roundness of the can produces this 180º effect. This was my first shot and one of the most sharpest images of the whole afternoon.

The workshop was promoted by Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica who supplied the cameras, paper and darkroom. I brought along my tin can pinhole camera I had made about a year ago.
Pinhole is not new to me, but the cameras they supplied were extremely well crafted and hold medium format paper and I had never printed out pinhole images as big as these. I do have my very own pinhole made from an apple juice box which is always interesting to see people's reactions when I am photographing with it. Next I'm going to make one out of a match box. But my true goal is to have one like the ones we used during the workshop.
I had a great time and met some interesting people who are also very passionate about analogical photography, a rare thing nowadays...

Paper negative of the Comunist Party headquarters (where the workshop took place) made by a pinhole camera (1min 45 sec.)

Paper positive

Paper negative from tin can pinhole of the parade. The blurry effect are people walking down the avenue. (2 min.)

Paper negative with pinhole camera (5 min.)


  1. ó isabel, que boas!! :)
    eu também tenho na minha lista fazer um sténopé, é a mesma coisa não é?

    (e eu também adoro analógico :D)

  2. isto é um clube restrito!!
    pinhole é a mesma coisa que fotografia stenoscópica.Tens mesmo que exprimentar, é muito interessante!