Sandra: this one's for you!

Sandra and I were born on the same year, same month but different days, I see her every second year when she comes visit us in Portugal. Though separated by an ocean, in Vila Fria we are neighbors. A couple of years ago on her last visit, Sandra would get up early in the morning, cross the field that separates our houses and still in our pajamas we would have a complete early breakfast sitting on the picnic table under the persimmon tree.
I remember when we were kids and they came to visit us in Toronto. I always thought she was so lucky because her mom would let her grow her hair long and she could braid it all up in the evening and the next morning it would be fussy and wavy, so in style in the 90’s!! My sisters and I we had to keep it short.And now she's got the nicest natural curls!! B---h!!
Sandra always came to Portugal for summer holidays which meant beach, sun, and Olá icecreams. But this year was our special Christmas, so she came in the winter. Of course she spent the whole month saying “Gosh it’s so warm here!” Followed by: ""Aren't you hot?!" Crazy Canadian!
(And to think this was going to be the Christmas tree...)

Aside from the weather and opening the gifts at midnight, Sandra is almost a full grown Portuguese: she sometimes speaks right, she enjoys a good cup of starbucks coffee and listening to english Christmas carols!
One thing I enjoy about having Sandra over is that after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner we were always expecting a knock on the door followed by an "Olá"! Somehow my parents house seemed to be alot more fun! I pity not being able to spend more time with her here. But Sandra, next visit must be either Los Angeles or New York!! See you in the states!

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