my pregnancy rant

I don't usually complain much about my pregnancy, I've been having a excellent 32 weeks. But today... today I just want to moan all day long. So here it goes:

  • I realize pregnancy dramatically changes your body, but acknowledging it and actually going through it are two different realities: no woman is prepared for an unrecognizable body.

  • I have also perfected the very well known yoga position of "tying shoe lace forward fold" it's supposed to be very good for the lower back! 

  • Pregnancy insomnia is another one of those incomprehensible symptoms: I don't want to prep for the upcoming sleep deprived months! I want to sleep as much as I can. Today I woke up at 3:36am and couldn't fall back to sleep no matter how many sheep I counted! I got up twice, had breakfast at 6am and finally fell asleep on a reclining chair at around 7:30 right before Pedro got up for work. 

  • I've always had good skin complexion on my face, but pregnancy hormones have made it red and with rash-like pimples. No matter how many layers of foundation I put on, my face is still red. 

  • Acid reflux is something I had no idea what it was until my belly started growing and creating pressure on my stomach. Lately, I can't bend down or eat anything without feeling an intense burn up my neck. 

  • I am a sleep-on-my-belly type of person, so spending months rotating between left and right side does not amuse me. Thank you Michael for my snoogle, don't know how I would sleep without it!

  • My breasts are growing to proportions I never thought I'd have... then they leak colostrum! Not sexy. 

  • Oh and then there's constipation and bloating and bleeding gums and spider veins. Fun, right? 

  • On the upside, we found out today she has turned head down! That's good news! 

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