#6 get a tattoo

I have finally checked off another item on my list of 101 things to do before 30: get a tattoo! I'm actually glad I didn't get it done earlier because I had no idea what I wanted tattooed in my body at the time and only now I am comfortable with my decision. "Oh the places you'll go" seems perfect at this time in my life: it's about change and commitment, about ups and downs, about disquietude and life!
Thank you Grace for the design.


  1. Amazing!!! And you certainly waited for the right moment! Love the quote, the font and the birds!! I've been thinking more and more about doing the same! But as you, I'm still in doubt about the place and what to do, so I guess I need to wait to be sure!

  2. oh, how nice it turned out! :)

  3. u-a-u, brave girl! bela frase e lindo lettering! ficou espectacular e especial :)