grandma goes to the high museum

We had free passes to the High Museum and so we took grandma. I managed to cramp my way into the recently created "back seats" of our 2 seat Mercedes so the three of us could drive to Midtown. But only 2 minutes after leaving the house we start to hear a very strange noise: our first flat tire!

Grandma wasn't worried and we got to the museum in time. I was the worried one, because how to you take an 84 year old lady that can only walk for 10 min. at a time to see a museum? Easy: the same way disabled Americans go shopping! There was a wheel chair for elderly people waiting for her at the entrance. So we strolled around the High Museum. The only thing she could really relate to and pointed out several times was that she had an uncle who did "the same works" like the ones she saw in the museum. He was a sculpture....

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