grandma at pride parade

What would be the most unexpected place to take your grandmother? That's right: gay pride parade! I explained to her what the parade was all about and that it would be fun. She didn't quite understand at first mostly because I bought her a pink feather boa for her to wear and she thought it was somewhat of a Carnaval parade. When the parade began, she noticed that there were families, elderly people, children, basically, people of all ages watching the parade and she didn't feel like the weird one. At a certain point, she looked at me and said: "Are all these people gay?" That's when I knew she fully understood.  

Then they started handing out free stuff. That's when the fun began! All she wanted was to collect as many colorful chains as possible!

At the end of the parade, this is what she looked like. 
I had absolutely no responsibility in this. Ok, maybe just the pink feathered boa.

There is one thing that grandma and I do agree on: gay men are interesting to look at!

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