Grandma in ATL

My grandma is 84 years old and loves to travel. Convincing her to come to Atlanta for 3 weeks was easy. Too easy. She immediately went to her doctor and then got her passport. It's going to be interesting for many reasons, mostly because she's 84... and we want her to be a part of our daily life. 
Here's a list of things we plan to do with her:
- knit, knit, knit
- take her to Stone Summit, our climbing gym (but just to watch!)
- eat sushi and other "exotic" foods she never tried before
- bake bread
- have her make tons of her delicious soup
- ride around in our Mercedes with the top down
- go grocery shopping so she can ride one of those carts they have for people with reduced mobility
- take her on a picnic to Piedmont park 
- surprise her with the visit of Sandra, Nelson and Helena (my cousins and sister who live in Canada)

any other suggestions?


  1. Have a dinner with americans or go to the CouchSurfing weekly meeting

  2. write postcards back to the family (bonus points if they're made if a photo of her there)! :D

    1. yes! of course, how could I forget! I already bought those postcard stickers you put on photos!

  3. oh this is absolutely sweet!!!! fabulous ideas, i bet she'll have the time of her life!!