grandama visits a park and a cemetery

I got grandma all dressed up and pretty and took her site seeing. We went to Piedmont park for a short walk and then to Oakland cemetery. She prayed for the dead confederate soldiers because there were so many of their tombstones all lines up. Driving around she points out that everyone here in Atlanta has a dog and that she's never seen so  much traffic in her life.

Grandma keeps her watch to Portuguese time, so every once in a while she'll look at the watch and tell me what time it is in Portugal or that everyone is already asleep back home. She also tells me that if she knew that photos of her were being posted in the internet for everyone back home to see, that she would have put on her black mourning clothes, proper of her recent widow status. I tell her she's in America and people don't do that here. I think she prefers wearing colored clothes.