homemade pesto

I've always wanted to make homemade pesto. I love the taste of it with pasta, salads or smudge potatoes with it before roasting them. So good.... 

In our last trip to the farmers market we bought 3 bundles of basil, Parmesan cheese and walnuts (you're supposed to use pine nuts, but walnuts are just as good). 
You can find hundreds of pesto recipes online, but read up on 2 recipes and based on what they said, I did my own pesto: with no accurate measurements, a blender, a bit more garlic than usual (cause I love garlic) and not too salty. It probably won't preserve for long, but I doubt it will last long in the fridge, because it tastes so good. 
101 cookbooks has an amazing pesto recipe straight from an Italian grandmother, but she chops it all by hand... which I think it really does make a great sauce, but I had no patience, so Just tossed everything into a blender. The other recipe is Jaime Oliver's pesto. No secret here. 

Honestly, it takes about 10 minutes to make and the flavor is just wonderful. Try it and you'll never want to buy supermarket pesto ever again! Oh, and the bread was also made by me: cinnamon, raisin and cranberry bread. 


  1. looks yummy! Made my mouth water!

  2. oh i also love pesto!!! and i've noticed that you're already packed with mason jars!! yay!