hero and villain

Have you ever noticed that in super hero movies, the hero, being a the personification of good, never really "kills" his arch enemy, the villain? Even though the hero has this thriving urge to aniquilate the bad guy (and we all do too when we're watching the movie), he'd rather catch him with life. If, by chance, the villain dies, he simply dies in a way that was impossible for the hero to prevent his plunge to death.      
Have you ever thought about it? It´s a matter of principal: if the hero actually killed the villain then he would be nothing different from the villain. 

We don't have television, so we don't watch the news. Which sometimes makes me forget that I'm even living in the United States.  But the other day we were listening to the radio in our car and the local news comes on: this man is going to be executed on July 18th, here in Georgia. An then I'm remembered that I now live in a country were there is no difference between hero and villain. 


  1. i think that you're actually living on a state where there is no difference between those two. other states are against that law... a few months ago there was a huge thing about georgia because of a man who was under death sentence and could actually be innocent. among all the differences in your lifestyle change, some will be really good, some not that nice! but it's as everywhere else! just stay focused on the good things, without forgetting the least good things! ;) hugs!

  2. only 13 states don't have death penalty... so few. But anyways, I'm trying to look at the bright side of it all and slowing it's coming together!