i love yardsales

More than half of the stuff we bought so far is second hand, thanks to Craig's list, second hand shops and yard sales. 
Anyone who loves to explore other people's stuff knows that it's not about the money, it's all about storytelling. Whether it's imagining who the antique belonged to and how it came to be, whether it's about an amazing deal, like the awesome lamp we got for 2$!

I do miss Lisbon's flea market, but the second hand shops and yard sales are just as great. We only buy it if it is exactly what we need and if it has a certain personality to it! People do tend to accumulate so much stuff and we were no different. They say the first step into a minimalist living is to get rid of all the unuseful stuff. Pedro and I did this right before we moved to Atlanta, when we had to pack up all our junk and separate it from the things we really need and cherish. We realised we had too much stuff! So on this fresh start we are keeping it to a minimum! Everything we have right now, we need. If we don't need it, we won't buy it. 

Out of all the stuff we bought this is my absolute favourite: a blue enamel kettle and cups, so pretty!


  1. They say you shouldn't have anything in your house that isn't beautiful or useful. Pretty good criteria, I'd say. I think the problem comes in deciding whether something fits in or out of either of those categories. J

  2. oh wow, it is pretty! :)

  3. há uns meses passei pelo mesmo quando nos mudámos para londres, limpar em lisboa e reduzir ao essencial em londres.
    apesar de me chatear com as paredes vazias, esse start from scratch é muito bom.