car shopping

First we started looking for European styled cars, small and compact. This means we have a very short selection to choose from here in the States, where absolutely everything is extra-large. Bored of the limited styles and character of these new cars, we then turned to the classics.

The truth is, these were all classic cars at a local show in Tucker that we bumped into while heading towards  Lilburn to have a look at this 1973 Mercedes 280 coupé that is for sale. Though we know nothing about classic cars, we do know we want a car with personality, so we've been looking into other Mercedes coupés, specially those from 1982. 

Just imagine, our first car, made in our birth year, bought in the year we both turned 30, nice?!

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  1. I love old, eh hem, I mean classic cars! I'm partial to the Jaguar E-Type (which is a little less practical) but that Benz is beautiful! Good luck on your hunt!