becoming 30

Officially I am 30 years old.
I had the perfect day! Even though I am away from family and friends, everyone was so wonderful, sending sweet messages and videos.Thank you for making this day so especial.

My very own Betty Crocker chocolate cake!
Pedro gave the best birthday gift I could ever receive: working from home and being with me. 
And also making sure I completed some of the items on my list, so I had a really busy day:
#53 we bought a canvas, and I started painting it.
#76 donated to Kiva.
#27 wrote a poem.
#36 bought a bike.
#24 made strangers happy.
#82 got a massage.

By the end of the day I thought that was it. WRONG.
Pedro made me to go the supermarket to buy a cake and candles. By the time I got home... SURPRISE! He had decorated the house and invited our 2 friends and neighbors for my "massive" birthday party (#79) / murder mistery (#68) / tea party (#15), with Halef dressed as a fortune teller (# 47) and a pinhata hanging from the wall (#42)! How wonderful is that! The day finished off with us jumping into the pool at 11:30pm (#5) and me covering Pete with kisses (#86)!

my face as I opened the door!

Halef helping out with the decor. 

my pirate pinhata!


  1. Amazing!!!! That sounds like an awesome day!!! No tattoo though eh!? ;p

  2. <3 Amiga, magnífico aniversário!
    Muitos beijinhos e muitas tantas saudades também...

  3. Parabéns atrasados Isabel! Acho que nunca completaste tantas "tarefas" num só dia ;)

  4. Muitos parabéns e diverte-te! ;-)

  5. Parabéns Isabel! Com tanta inspiração já estou cheia de vontade de começar outra lista! Have fun :)

  6. isso é que foi despachar items! :D parabéns atrasados!

  7. parabéns minha querida! que bom ver-vos tão felizes!!! e que festa! :) adorei o teu spreading smile act! e um grande beijinho de lisboa que está em festa!! ah e o vídeo da tua irmã é uma delícia!

  8. parabéns atrasados! e que dia :-)