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Instead of sleeping in the snow, this year for Entrudo we went south to the small village of Entradas  to attend Entrudanças and spent 3 lovely days dancing, singing and eating. 

Dancing: in the past few years, we have attended traditional dance balls and workshops, so coming to Entrudanças was perfect. Though we still are quite a  bit dis-coordinate, we practiced and danced like crazy!

Singing: although Entrudanças is mostly about dancing, singing is a major tradition in Alentejo. We were so lucky to have met up with a friend of mine's sister that invited us for dinner at a tavern where we ate and sang along to traditional songs. Later in evening Pedro Mestre joined us for more sing-a-long, which was a nice surprise. 

Eating: this was amazing!! In the same day we ate pig brains and frog legs and tasted my first authentic açorda. I was so inspired, that on our way home we bought bread and I tried to make açorda for dinner! 
Of course we asked around about traditional bakeries that still bake with wood ovens but no luck.  

Coincidentally, I just read this post on traditional Alentejo bread over at Xuxudidi which makes me want to meet this lovely lady.


  1. Que lindas as fotos e que estarmos atentos às nossas tradições !

    Já estou a acompanhar o teu blog, recomendação de um amigo!


  2. Obrigada sofia! também já estou a seguir o teu!