Merrell Urban Side

After winning last year's Merrel Urban Side competition, our team was back and guess who won yet again...
This year MUS was quite different, with smaller competitions in several other cites and the finale in Lisbon. Pedro had participated in 3 different cities and taken along each team member with him. But this year, the teams were only of 3 members which meant I became formally known as the back-office gal, since my running and ball aiming skills weren't as good as the male members of the team. In the end I was glad to be back office cause they ran a lot!! Poor guys!! And I spent the afternoon anxiously waiting for their phone calls to google this and google that, try to make this and find that, while they ran up and down Lisbon.


First prize: to participate in the Merrell Oyster Racing Series in the States!! (Yes, the United States!)

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  1. More nothing!!! (tradução livre de MAIS NADA!!!)

    Parabéns a todos!